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The New Woman

The New Woman

The New Woman is in integrity with herself. She is spiritual and sensuous at once. She knows her worth and talks her truth. She loves her light and embraces her dark. Her gentleness, her forgiveness and her understanding are her greatest powers. 

The New Woman is respectful to her own nature and the one around her. Her self-care leads to grace and abundance in her body, mind and heart. She is not afraid of rejection and her success is defined by her zest for life. 

The New Woman's heart power is invincible, her mind unconquerable. Her all-embracing and nurturing qualities will not just heal herself, but the world around her. We are the tribe of The New Women. Become one of us.

Your Leaders

Your Leaders

Danijela Hembal M.A.


Dance Meditation & Manifestation Leader


Natalia Villanueva

Happiness Alchemist;

Kundalini Yoga & Crystal Singing Bowl Master  

Our Retreats

The moment we stand up to our own powers, nothing can destroy our peace. Ajaya Retreats sooth your soul, make you see and give you courage to change what needs to be changed. We spark your light and highten you to who you are supposed to be: a liberated INVINCIBLE woman. We provide you all the tools necessary to get in charge of your mind, your body and your heart. And best of all: we do not fight, we heal. That is Ajaya Retreat's mission: to heal the world one woman a time.


The Path of Becoming Invincible 

worldwide live & online


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AJAYA New Woman Retreat Production


We do offer customized VIP, individual, group and business retreats in California, Arizona, Germany  Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Bali, Thailand and Hawaii and will be happy to tailor a 1-7 day retreat for you. It suits especially public figures, executive congresses, best friend's gatherings, mom's getaways, bridal showers and corporate businesses with a high rate of female employees. Take action to share your visions, and we will produce them for you. 


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The Founder

Danijela Hembal holds a Masters in Sports Scientist and was awarded a Miss World Fitness twice.  She has been teaching Fitness, physical health and dance to women, teens and kids for over 27 years. After two personal traumatic events, she entered the world of meditation and spiritual awareness. Nowadays, Danijela advocates about emotional embodiment and how our mind affects our physical well-being.


Being able to transform her own self-destructive habits into an embowering self-realization, her wholehearted mission is share her knowledge and wisdom with women of this world. Her vision is to empower each woman to life up to her highest potential and to strengthen her physical, emotional and mental well-being into an invincible self. 


Danijela traveled the world with her husband and her three adorable children to meet her inherent longing for self-discovery and transformational commitment. Her zest for life and ambition to end suffering for herself and the world led her to manifest a self-developmental bodymindheart healing method which she uses now to follow her calling: ending the emotional and physical burdens of women and raising physically, mentally and spiritually healthy children.


Today she calls Croatia, California, Germany and Hawaii - where she and her family currently reside - her home.  


The Founder
The Method

The Method

"The Ajaya Method is a holistic bodymindheart workout. We can't transform our body, if we do not transform our mind. We won't be able to free ourselves from our emotions if we do not take a deeper look into our hearts. Our physical appearance is a manifestation of our thoughts and feelings. Body, Mind and Heart are interrelated, and all three parts need to be integrated into our personal practice for a successful, long lasting effect onto our well-being."

Danijela Hembal M.A.

The Ajaya Method is a fusion of Body, Mind and Heart Science. It is the culmination of a three decade long healing journey and determined research study and has its roots in the founder's four signature healing techniques: her MasterMind Method

'The 5 As'; her body intelligence evoking work out formula DIP; her Healing Dance Art Rituals; and her self love invigorating Compassion Meditations.  All of these approaches form the fundamental coaching elements of the Ajaya Method.


The Ajaya Method has been taught in private mentoring sessions live or online and at the New Woman retreats, which are conducted in peaceful and aesthetic private oases, during natural mindfulness hikes, cozy dinner gatherings and fire ceremonies. Here, Danijela thoughtfully invites other awareness leaders to partner up in her mission. 



Private Coaching

If you are physically dissatisfied, I will give you the most efficient tools for physical transformation. My Sports Scientific background compared with my personal success of becoming a Miss World Fitness twice build the most fundamental knowledge for your personal fitness goals. I redesign your body exactly the way you want it - 100% naturally. 

If you find yourself emotionally unbalanced, and are triggered by the same circumstances over and over again, I will guide you back to a liberating heart connection, which gives you the power to step out of any emotional disturbances and step into the wisdom of your heart. 

If your thoughts run you down and you feel being a slave of your own thinking, I will guide you to reconnect your brain-wires for establishing a more self-regulated thought pattern. MindMastery is here the key. 

I will guide you to becoming your own BodyMindHeart Master: a woman empowered with 'zest for life' tools and a deep sense of life transforming self awareness. 

For acquiring a New Woman Mentoring, please email me

With all my heart,



Private Coaching

I AM Ajaya Master Program

All New Woman retreat attendees are admitted to participate in our 'I AM Ajaya' master program. It is a 90-day-bodymindheart-practice deepening your retreat's experience, guiding you through your personal transformation process and establishing steadfast habits for becoming the New Woman. A follow up 'I AM Ajaya' retreat will then be offered for appreciating and honoring the inner work of each woman.  Join our New Women tribe and become a proactive part of our 'heal-myself-heal-the-world' -movement.

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The New You is awaitig YOU!

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